My go-to structure, and every resource you need to start building your strategy for socials.
Frameworks, articles, podcasts and other resources to help anyone build a strong community.
TrendWatching's Make→Shift: Niche Nets.
A special three-part edition of On My Radar after the hiatus. Part 3 β†’ Navigating the future: A bundle with the best 2023 selected trend resources.
Also, a platform full of resources on Future Studies, understanding microaggressions, and more.
Report highlights β†’ Edelman Trust Barometer - Special Report: Trust in Technology.
Use of digital devices, social media and other online platforms by teenagers in the US.
Subcultures are the new demographics, Spirituality 2.0 and how Gen Z is redefining beauty by embracing ugliness.
The structure of our thoughts, and our inner voice β€” that sometimes can be toxic. And how to deal with feelings when you're a strategist.
Token-gated communities, more about AI art, play-to-earn activations and more.
Elon Musk bought Twitter, and everything is weird now.
"Clubstaurants", the pigtail social experiment on TikTok, the Social Media Strategy Resource Pack, and 20 years of Google search.